UPDATE: Unfortunately, Pacific Yard House seems to have abandoned the high quality approach championed by opening GM Rick Novak. Our reviewers report replacing fresh ingredients with frozen ones, and a dumbed-down menu and bar that replaces a craft approach with a more generic one. A pity; Conroe doesn’t need another Chili’s.

Downtown Conroe gets a new hot spot with Pacific Yard House. The inviting bar, featuring well priced craft beer and expertly designed cocktails is packing them in. The food doesn’t take a back seat; GM Rick Novak’s carefully constructed menu features American roadhouse classics elevated with quality ingredients and impressive technique. We were blown away by the superb chicken-fried steak, an impressive trifecta of tender, flavorful beef, well seasoned, crispy crust, and a decadent, peppery cream gravy. Located in the old Sparkle Ice House, the beautiful interior is among the most welcoming in town. Live music, too.

American | Outside the Bubble: Conroe
Happy Hour and Outdoor Dining

101 Metcalf Street | Conroe 77301
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$$ ($10-20)