UPDATE: Tony’s Italian Deli has changed hands in 2018. On our return visits, we have noticed distinct changes in the sandwiches, and not for the better. We detected obvious changes in the ingredients, the quantities, and the attention to detail

Tony’s still makes good sandwiches. But they’re not the remarkable creations that Hootie put together, and in our opinion, aren’t worth a long drive anymore.

According to Yelp, the best restaurant in the nation is Tony’s Italian Deli, on Highway 105 outside of Montgomery. While we haven’t tried all the nation’s restaurants to verify this, we can confirm that the sandwiches at Tony’s Deli are simply the best Italian subs we’ve ever tasted. Chef Hootie Trant constructs huge po-boys stacked with high quality Italian meats and cheeses, with just the right spreads and seasonings to perfect the flavor. His bride Mary is the smiling face at the counter, greeting the guest and keeping the line moving. Expect a wait at peak lunch hours.

Choosing from the wall of options is tough. New visitors should resist the urge to build their own and delve into one of Hootie’s recommended creations; our favorites are the J. Gandolfini (cold) and the Lucky Luciano (hot). Expect a filling meal, and another one at home with the half you couldn’t eat in the store.

Italian and Sandwiches | Outside the Bubble: Hwy 105
Outdoor Dining

16235 TX 105 | Montgomery 77356
(across from April Sound)
| Map
$$ ($10-20)