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Update: Sadly, Bread Zeppelin has changed, and not for the better. Some ingredients are now regularly missing, and the flavors just aren’t what they were during their opening months. Training issue? We hope they get back on track, and will try them again when our sources tell us things have changed for the better.

CityPlace has a hot new spot for picking up a quick, satisfying lunch or convenient dinner. Called Bread Zeppelin, the concept tosses high-quality, fresh ingredients with a plethora of homemade dressings to create a satisfying salad. But that’s just the start: The staff then (optionally) stuffs the made-to-order salad into a cored-out BreadMan Baking French baguette. The result is surprisingly delicious; the crunch of the baguette, just enough of the soft, pillowy bread, and a cool, fresh flavorful salad all in one bite. It’s the best of a salad combined with the best of a sandwich, all in one. We sampled several of their signature creations, and were particularly ¬†impressed by the NOLA (Fried Shrimp, tomato, red onion, pickles, provolone, iceberg, remoulade) and the Plymouth Rock (roasted turkey, cranberries, beets, blue cheese, caramelized pecans, spring mix, cranberry poppyseed dressing).

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